WBUR | What makes Olga run: The full scoop on the 94-year-old track star


“Most inspiring thing I’ve read in a long time,” I said happily to myself as I turned the last page of “What Makes Olga Run? The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives.” At the World Masters Athletics Championships at Sacramento State University in July, 2011, Olga Kotelko won the event with a mark of 5.32 meters (17 feet, 5 1/2 inches). You may have caught author Bruce Grierson’s 2010 profile of Olga Kotelko in the New York Times Magazine, and her appearance on On Point. (And she was just on “The Today Show,” too.) But Grierson’s new book offers a much fuller look at the broader context — the science of aging, and exercise — and her own particulars, from her eating habits to her genes. I spoke with Bruce about the Olga Phenom and what it can teach us. Continue.