News Bureau Illinois | William T. Greenough, an early explorer of brain plasticity, dies at 69


 William T. Greenough, a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Illinois and a pioneer in studies of brain plasticity and development, died Dec. 18 in Seattle, of complications associated with Lewy Body Dementia. As a researcher at Illinois, Greenough explored the neural basis of learning and memory and the effects of aging, exercise, injury and environmental enrichment on the brain. “Bill was one of the towering figures in neuroscience, not only on this campus but around the world,” said Neal J. Cohen, a professor of psychology at Illinois and the director of the Neuroscience Program once led by Greenough. “His work led the way in illuminating experience-related plasticity in the mammalian brain, overcoming early views that sensory and motor systems of the brain were largely fixed very early in life, showing instead that the development of new synapses occurred in response to environmental enrichment and learning.” Continue.