APS | Becoming a faculty member: transition from graduate student/post-doc to the tenure track

Edward McAuley, professor of kinesiology

For many years I, Dr. Edward McAuley, have been concerned that the majority of graduate programs around the country have failed quite miserably in one vital aspect of graduate education: training graduate students to become faculty members. I don’t believe that I am alone in this belief, as evidenced by the many excellent columns in the  Mentoring Forum section of The Physiologist. Indeed, many professors do an excellent job of preparing their graduate students but much of this is informal training. After much discussion with colleagues, my concern prompted me, in 2008, to design and teach a graduate class in Professional Development. In this class, I tried to share my own experiences of mentoring faculty and graduate students in such a way that the students in the class would feel better prepared for what “lay in wait for them” out there on the tenure track. In this column, I address one of those topics, the transition to becoming a faculty member. Continue.