IBISWorld | Fitness Industries Pump Up Revenue.

Americans are in the middle of a fitness craze. This movement is seeping into popular culture, as brightly colored yoga mats and fitness clothes fly off the shelves at retail stores, TV shows about weight loss grow more popular and spinning classes are fill up fast. More Americans are heading to the gym than ever before as they desperately desire washboard abs and chiseled biceps. In the midst of this growing enthusiasm, the fitness industries are becoming the biggest beneficiaries. Despite extremely low disposable income growth in the five years to 2012 (an average of 0.1% per year), the fitness sector is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 2.3% over the same time period. Together, revenue from fitness clubs, pilates and yoga studios, boxing gyms and clubs, personal trainers, fitness DVD production and online sporting apparel sales is expected to total $45.2 billion in 2012. Continue.